Make It Easy To Reach You!

Do you know what it is like to get a hold of you? If you are wondering why you aren’t getting messages or hearing back from clients, try giving yourself a call.  Follow these three tips to see how easy it is to reach you:

1. Call the main number for your business and follow the process of being transferred to your extension.

  • Be aware of the number of rings it took to connect the call.
  • If it is being answered by a live voice, are you proud of how their “sound and greeting” represents your company?
  • If you were greeted by a recording, how easy are the menu options to follow?

2. Call your direct line.

  • Again, note the number of rings and if answered by someone, did you like what you heard?
  • If it went to a recording, how clear is the outgoing message and how current?

3. Call your cell phone.

  • In addition to the amount of rings how was the tone of your voice during your outgoing message?
  • Does the caller have enough time to leave a message or are they cut off midway?