Furthering Oprah’s Cause

Oprah Winfrey is on a mission to stop texting and driving.  In addition to supporting her efforts, I would like help further her cause and add: Stop Texting and Talking!

For the next 48 hours don’t just stop texting and driving…stop texting completely when you are in the presence of another human being! Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by the beeping or flashing of that small communication tool that is starting to take over your life. And, ask those around you to do the same. Try these behaviors instead:

  • Leave your phone in your bag, pocket or room.
  • Turn off the sound – no vibrating either!
  • Take the time to actually look at people when they speak.
  • Acknowledge others with a smile.
  • Listen to the words they say and respond accordingly.

Together we can support Oprah’s cause and promise no texting while driving. We can then make a further commitment to live a life of personal interaction by staying present in each moment that we have with one another.