Strategic Sales Managment

Whether your business is big or small, everyone is always in search of how to increase sales. Smart leaders understand the importance of having a sales plan, qualified leads, and the right closing approach for their business.  They recognize how the significance of exceeding customer expectations, the need to stay current in the market place, and the impact of innovation is the foundation for success.

Over the years, Raven has been instrumental in helping small to medium sized companies grow their business utilizing a systematic approach with a flair for innovation.  Based on creating a mutually beneficial partnership between provider and customer, Raven works with business owners and department heads on the following areas:

  • Creating a defined sales process
  • Establishing client profiles for prospecting and account penetration
  • Introducing an organized method for adding new clients
  • Re-activating inactive customers to increase market share
  • Evaluating pricing concepts to avoid lowering rates
  • Identifying the right sales reporting tools to enhance productivity
  • Utilizing networking as a natural part of the sale process
  • Maximizing social media and branding to broaden exposure