Customer Service & Sales Training

Astonishing Customer Service
This workshop is designed to examine how outstanding customer service can retain and satisfy clientele.

Body Language – The Power of Your Presence
This workshop is designed to demonstrate how to influence others, build trust and gain respect by harnessing the profound power of body language.

Call Center Training
The workshop covers everything from basic phone etiquette to conflict resolution and problem solving.

Conflict Management
This workshop is designed to a better understanding about how you can effectively deal with conflict.

Communication Skills
This session is designed to teach you a better understanding as to how the impact of your appearance, listening and verbal skills can affect your personal growth.

Create a Winning Spirit 
This workshop will help you learn what drives your own peak performance and how to excel each and every day.

DiSC – Your Personal Impact
This workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of your natural tendencies when dealing with others and how to adjust your behavior to improve relationships.

Exploring Your Moral Values
This workshop examine how your values  (beliefs or attitudes about what is good, right, desirable, worthwhile, etc.) provide the foundation from which you make your personal and professional judgments and choices.

Hiring Great Employees
This workshop is designed to teach you how to prepare for the interview and identify if the candidate’s skills and talents are in alignment with the job.

Listening Skills 
This workshop is designed to teach how effective listening can enhance overall communication in the work place.

This workshop is designed to teach how to produce mutually satisfactory outcomes, although each party may have different interests.

Selling Strategies 
This workshop is customized to mirror specific customer needs and is based on creating mutually beneficial relationships.